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Demonstration Download:


This demo is a fully functional version of Atmospheric Effects on Insulating Glass Units with a few exceptions.  To avoid the common hassles usually inherent to demo versions we have simply "locked" a few of the inputs throughout the program therefore, allowing the user to try out the demo for as long as desired.

To purchase a full version

Locked Input:


  1. Insulating glass lite thicknesses are locked to 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch. 

  2. The width of all units is locked to 48 inches.

  3. The height of all units is locked to 72 inches.

  4. The elevation change is locked at 0 to 5000 feet.

  5. The construction temperature is locked to 70F.

  6. The transport temperature allows for two options: 30F and 90F.

  7. The transport duration is locked to "Hours".

These restrictions are for the demo version only.  A full version of Atmospheric Effects on Insulating Glass units allows for all approved designs and options.



Download instructions and information:
This process will download the self-executable full install for Atmospheric Effects on Insulating Glass Units Demo.

Select "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD" above to launch the download.

  1. Select the Save this program to disk option.
  2. From the Save As screen, choose a directory to save the file.
  3. Click Save.
  4. If the download is successful, a Download complete screen will be displayed.

After the download,

  1. Double click on SetupAEIGU.exe saved in the download directory to install the application.

  2. Enter your User Name and Company Name when prompted.  

  3. The entered default Serial Number is "Demo".  You do not need to alter this input.

  4. Finish installation.

A purchased serial number will unlock the demo version and allow the user the full range and capabilities of Atmospheric Effects on Insulating Glass Units. 

Purchasing a Serial Number:

  1. Purchase online
  2. Call us at 1-800-366-5585
  3. Email us at info@standardsdesign.com


System Requirements:
Operating Systems:

    Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SR 3

    Microsoft Windows 2000

    Microsoft Windows XP

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