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Blast Resistant Glazing Design 2003:


Blast Resistant Glazing Design 2003 enables the user to size rectangular laminated glass and insulating glass constructed with at least one laminated glass lite to resist user-specified explosive threats. The software finds its basis in research findings presented in the paper “Considerations for Blast Resistant Design,” by H. Scott Norville and Edward J. Conrath.  The ASCE journal of Architectural Engineering published this paper in its September 2001 issue.  As with all other SDG products, this software operates in a Windows™ environment.  It provides user-friendly input and output and prints detailed reports.


This product is discontinued! 

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  • User Input

    • Explosive threat

      • ISA Medium Threat    (GSA Level C)

      • ISA Higher Threat      (GSA Level D)

      • User Defined

        • TNT charge size, 10 lb (4.54 kg) to 2000 lb (907 kg)

        • Standoff distance, ft (m) (varies based on charge Size)

    • Fenestration supported on four sides

      • Rectangular dimensions, in (mm)

      • Desired glazing construction

        • Symmetric laminated glass

          • Annealed

          • Heat strengthened

        • Insulating glass units

          • Monolithic - Laminated (including Annealed and Heat Strengthened)

          • Laminated - Laminated (including Annealed and Heat Strengthened) 

  • Calculations and Results

    • Equivalent 3-second Design Loading, psf (kPa)

    • Approximate Maximum Air Blast Pressure, psf (kPa)

    • Nominal glass thickness for single lite or symmetric insulating glass unit design (as selected) necessary to resist the specified explosive threat, in (mm) using ASTM E1300-02

    • Recommended Size of Structural Sealant Bead to attach glazing to frame, in (mm)



When the designer achieves an optimum window glass design configuration, the program prints a report consistent with the requirements of ASTM E1300-94/98/00/02/03 suitable for presentation to a building official. In addition the program prints a details report which includes a dimensioned sketch of the glass unit and the factors used to calculate the load resistance. 


    Sample Report:  Blast Resistant Glazing Design Report





Initial License

Additional License







You must call 1-800-366-5585 or email us to get the network version.


We currently do not offer discounts on the prices.


System Requirements:


Operating Systems:

     Microsoft Windows 95,98,ME (With Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later)

     Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SR 3

     Microsoft Windows 2000

     Microsoft Windows XP


     486 or faster

     16 M ram

     Windows compatible printer



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