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Comprehensive Window Glass Design:

Comprehensive Window Glass Design performs all the calculations required to design glass according to ASTM E 1300-00. The PGMC endorses the Comprehensive Window Glass Design Program as being the best tool available to aid in designing window glass to resist wind and long-term loadings.  Members of the PGMC technical council served in program development and each now uses a copy of the program.


Comprehensive Window Glass Design is available in a single and network versions to best fit your companies' needs.



The Comprehensive Window Glass Design input screen is user friendly and instantly converts between US and SI units.

  • Allows the input of all the pertinent information for a window, including dimensions, window glass thickness, long- and short-duration loading, window glass type, and more.
  • Performs calculations for the following window glass types and constructions supported on four sides:

    • monolithic glass types
      • annealed
      • heat strengthened
      • fully tempered
    • symmetric laminated glass
      • annealed
      • heat strengthened
      • fully tempered
    • insulating glass units
      • monolithic - monolithic (including all glass types)
      • monolithic -Laminated (including all glass types)
  • Selects the appropriate values from the charts and tables and performs the computations specified in ASTM E 1300-00.

  • Checks the resistance of the window glass to the loads and informs the designer whether the window glass configuration has sufficient load resistance for the specified loads.

  • Provides center of glass deflection under design loading.

  • When the designer uses annealed monolithic window glass, the program provides an approximate probability of breakage for the first occurrence of the design load.

  • The program offers the designer the option of viewing the factors the program selects in performing the ASTM E1300-00 computations.

  • Updating selected input to modify a proposed design is a simple task, allowing for rapid iterations. 

System Requirements:
Operating Systems:

     Microsoft Windows 95,98,ME

     Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SR 3

     Microsoft Windows 2000



     486 or faster

     16 M ram

     Windows compatible printer

This product is discontinued! 

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