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Window Glass Design 2004 Online Calculator


Window Glass Design 5 Demo     (Click link to Download Demo Version)


Window Glass Design 5 User's Manual   (pdf format)




Window Glass Design 5 Input Screen:

When Window Glass Design 5 is started, the user is provided with a simple user interface to enter the details of their window design. 




Window Glass Design 5 Advanced Input Screen:

A new feature of Window Glass Design is the Advanced Glazing Input.  This is for Standard and Deluxe users of the software.  Available with this input screen are the additional interlayer options and slightly expanded NFL charts. 



Multiple Glazing Input Screen:

Another new feature for Deluxe users of Window Glass Design is the multiple glazing input.  The multiple lite input window allows the user to perform multiple designs in one window.  The user enters the width, height, wind load, snow load, glazing angle, edge support, and the pre-defined lite description (from the lite manager).  The program then calculates the results in the same window.  The user can right click on any row to view the design report or design details for the current row. 



The lite manager is used in conjunction with the multiple lite window.  The lite manager allows the user to define as many glazing configurations as necessary.  These configurations are then stored in a database on the computer and can be used and reused without the user ever having to redefine the lite configuration. 


Results Screens:

The Results window displays the final design calculations values including the design load, load resistance and approximated center of glass deflection for both short and long duration loadings.

The Details window displays all the intermediate factors used in the design calculations.

Selecting the "Non-Factored Load Chart" from this screen takes the user to the ASTM E1300 Non-Factored Load chart for the design.


Additional Screens:

The Lite Sketch Window shows a dimensioned drawing of the glass.  The edge supports reflect the number of supported edges in the design.  The slope of the glass is drawn to scale. For 1, 2 and 3 sides supported design the lite can be rotated to match the actual glazing configuration.

Window Glass Design 2002 now includes new lite shapes.  These lite shapes include triangle, segment of circle, semicircle, circular, trapezoid, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, and polygon.



Sample Report



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