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Q: I am getting a message that states my serial number is about to expire.  Why is that?



A: The WGD5 license is valid for one year.  If you wish to continue using WGD5, you must renew annually.  Failure to renew the license will result in WGD5 not operating.  Standards Design Group must do this to continue operating and providing technical support.  A maintained and valid user's license entitles the user to all updates and tech support for this software. 



Q: How to I input my new serial number?


  1. If opened, please close your Window Glass Design 5 program. 

  2. Open your folder browser: Start Button > Computer

  3. Navigate to your Standards Design Group, Inc. > Window Glass Design 5 folder.  In this folder you will find a file named "SerialNumber.log".  The default location of this folder is C:\Program Files.  ** If not there, check Program Files (x86) **

  1. Open the "SerialNumber.log" file. 

  1. Delete the numbers in this file; that was your old serial number. 

  1. Copy and paste your new serial number into this file. 

  1. Save the file.  (File > Save or <Ctrl> s). 



Now your program is renewed! 





Q: During installation I get "Error 1904: Failure to register..."


A:  The installation software wants to replace a newer file with an older one contained within the package.  This, of course, does not please Windows.  Just select "OK" and continue with the installation.  The file Window Glass Design 5 needs is already there and newer. 



Q: Why does the program report that all user licenses are in use when no one is using the program?


A: The last user was not logged out of the program correctly, (this is usually to the computer crashing while the program is running.  To clear the user log, use the license manger which was installed in the server directory.  Please refer to the Installation manual for further details.



Q: Why are all the combo boxes/drop down lists empty?


A: This problem may be caused by McAfee virus scan.  There is a patch available at their website http://www.mcafee.com/us/ when you log in with all your user information.  If you do not have McAfee and are having this problem, please contact us at Tech Support.



Q: I'm getting an error message when I try to open the Multiple Glazing input window.


A: The Multiple Glazing function is using a database that has been installed with your program but has not been connected properly.  Please click here for instructions for connecting. 



Q: I'm getting a compatibility error when I try to run the .NET installation package on my Windows 7 64 bit computer. 


A: You do not need the .NET package.  Windows 7 already has all the supporting software for anything the software references in .NET.  You may skip this installation step. 

*  This also applies to Vista and 32 bit users.  *



Q: Does this software calculate with point supported glass?  What about point loads?


A: No.  Point supports and point loads are not an option covered by E 1300 and has not been incorporated in the Window Glass Design 5 software.


Q: When I select "Laminated Glass" nothing happens.  Where is my ply selection?


A: E 1300 does not distinguish the design of a laminated lite.  The NFL charts are for laminated of a nominal thickness.  We have therefore removed the ply and interlayer thickness design to allow the user a near unlimited design option by only requesting the nominal thickness of the laminated lite.  If you are uncertain about your two ply laminate nominal thickness, a calculator is available under the "Tools" header of your main menu.


Q: When I try to open "Multiple Glazing Input" I get an error message. 


A: Make sure you are using version 1.09 or later.  If you are using version 1.09 (or later) and your error message is about the "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0" provider you will need to add the Office 2007 access driver.  Recently purchased installation packages will have an "AccessDatabaseEngine.exe" file in their Window Glass Design 5 folder.  Run this executable file to install.  You may also find the installation package on the Microsoft website


Q: I want to use my Window Glass Design 2004 database file in Window Glass Design 5.  How can I do that?


A: If you are comfortable manipulating your database file you can copy the "WGDdb.mdb" file from your Window Glass Design 2004 folder and paste it into your Window Glass Design 5 folder.  You will then have to open the "WGDdb.mdb" in the Window Glass Design 5 folder and change the table name from "Lite Properties Table" to "LitePropertiesTable".  (With the new programming language used for the Window Glass Design 5 software, spaces are not allowed in table names.)  Some of the information may change between the different versions so open your lite manager and make sure all of the data is correct and save, but most of your data should make the transfer just fine. 


Q: Can I do triple IG in the Multiple Glazing Input of Window Glass Design 5?


A: Soon!  We are working on that update.  


Q: When I use the theoretical load share factor option on a long duration load, I get deflection and load resistance values of "NaN".  Why?


A:  The finite difference calculations for the load share factors do not cover long duration loads at this time.  Please refer to the ASTM E 1300 (default) values.



Q: What does error 1931 mean?


A:  The installation software wants to replace a newer file with an older one contained within the package.  This, of course, does not please Windows.  Just select "OK" and continue with the installation.  The file Window Glass Design 5 needs is already there and newer. 

15. Q:  When I print to an Adobe PDF the text is huge or the paper size is small or something about it is just wrong.  How do I fix this?


A:  1)  Select print

     2)  Select adobe

     3)  Click on "edit" button

     4)  Change resolution to 300 dpi

     5)  Save default tag as "anynameyouwant"

     6)  Change default to "anynameyouwant"

     7)  Continue to printing



Q: What do I do when I receive this error message:  "system.security.permissions..."?


A: Please follow these directions. if you have a network version of our program.

Or  move your single version to your local computer; this version cannot run from a server. 


Have a Question?  Ask us Tech Support.



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