Window Glass Design 5:

Window Glass Design 5 (WGD5) performs all required calculations to design window glass according to ASTM E 1300-09. This software also performs window glass design using ASTM E 1300 02/03/04, ASTM E 1300-98/00 and ASTM E 1300-94.  The Glass Association of North America (GANA) endorses the WGD5 Program as being the best tool available to aid in designing window glass.  Members of the GANA technical council served in program development and all now use a copy of the program.  WGD5 still gives the users the flexibility to buy different editions of the program to meet their needs.


New to WGD5:
  1. load-sharing for triple glazed insulating glass units (a) according to ASTM E 1300-09 approximate methods and (b) according to theoretical methods along with computation of load resistance;

  2. a procedure to relate a value of maximum stress to probability of breakage as defined in ASTM E 1300 for rectangular glass lites;

  3. a procedure to use output from your stress analyses to compute probability of breakage, thus allowing computation of probability of breakage for odd-shaped glass lites and curved glass;

  4. a procedure to estimate probability of breakage for heat treated glass

  Basic Standard Deluxe
Traditional Window Glass Design Input
Non-Factored Load Charts
Effective Thickness of Laminated Glass
Saflex® HP and SentryGlass® Plus Interlayers
Theoretical Load Share Factors
New Lite Shapes (Circular, Polygon, Etc.)
Automatically Calculates the required lite thickness
Approximate Probability of Breakage Calculator
Range Value Calculations
Multiple Glazing Input


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Single *

Network  or Terminal**

Initial Purchase Annual Fee License Annual Fee


$500 $100 $2000 $400


$650 $130 $2600 $520


$800 $160 $3200 $640


* 40% Discount for current owners of WGD2004 single user version.  You must call to obtain discounted prices.


** Due to the nature of the network and terminal versions we do not offer discounts on the prices.

After the release of WGD5, SDG will no longer support versions of Window Glass Design released prior to 2005.  In addition, SDG will issue a license for WGD5 valid for one year.  If you wish to continue using WGD5, you must renew annually.  Failure to renew the license will result in WGD5 not operating.  Standards Design Group must do this to continue operating and providing technical support.

System Requirements:


Operating Systems:

     Microsoft Windows 95,98,ME (With Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later)

     Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SR 3

     Microsoft Windows 2000

     Microsoft Windows XP

     Microsoft Windows Vista

     Microsoft Windows 7


     Microsoft Windows Server 2000

     Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0

     Microsoft Windows Server 2003



     486 or faster

     16 M ram

     Windows compatible printer




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