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The Window Glass Design software you have enjoyed over the years is now available as app for your smart device.


We have provided a walkthrough of a 40x60 inch, unsymmetric IG Unit with a short duration, 100 psf, load.                                                                     



When you open your new app this is the how the screen will appear.  The default units are SI.  We wish to switch to US units. Click the icon at the bottom, left of the screen.


App01                 App02                 App03


The default support system and position are 4 Sided and 90° respectively.  We will leave those defaults.  We do want a two lite IG unit so we will select the "2 Lite" icon.  Note how the profile view of your design changes with this selection. 


If we touch on the IG Unit's picture we can modify the individual lite information.  Note how the left, outside lite is highlighted in blue.  We can then select the Heat Treatment and Thickness.  In this case we are selecting Heat Strengthened and 1/4 inch thickness.  We will keep this lite monolithic.     

App05                 App06    

Now we click on the right, inside lite.  And select Annealed, 1/4 inch, and PVB.  The image now has a vertical line along the profile of the lite to indicate a laminated unit. 


With the lite design complete, select "Save" in the upper, left corner to return to the main input screen.  We can complete the entry of information with dimensions and a short duration load.   

App16                 App08

With all of the design information entered we can select "Calculate" and be directed to the output screen.  Note the green band that indicates that the design will support the 100 psf load we require.  


We can now create a PDF of the design.  Select the 'upload' icon in the upper right of the output screen. We are given several options for what to do with this information.  At this time, we wish to create a PDF report.  Click the PDF icon and this will generate the PDF file

App10                 App18                 App11

Clicking the 'upload' icon, now at the lower left, on the the PDF screen gives us the option to save or send the PDF file

 App14                 App13

A sample PDF report may be viewed here.     



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