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Wind Loads on Structures 1998 Input Screen:

When Wind Loads on Structures 1998 is started, the user is prompted to choose which type of structure they choose to consider. 


Upon choosing a structure, the user then is provided with an easy to user interface to enter the details required to analyze the wind loads on their structure.





Chimney, Tank, ect...




Trussed Towers


The user can enter the topographic information and wind speed. A wind speed map is provided if user does not have a specific design speed. 


A composite footprint sketch is performed for multiple sectioned buildings. 



(Each section can either have it's own roofing structure or share a common roof.)

Results Screen:

Calculations can then be performed for the Main Wind Force Resisting System or for the Components and Cladding (which has a separate input window).  There are four "Results" windows, one for each angle of attack. 



Building Design Example

Sign Design Example



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