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Q: Why are the values returned from the basic wind speed map shifted to the right?



A: Your computer has been set to use Large Fonts.  To fix the problem, reset the computer to use Small Fonts. 


Q: Does WLS perform Shear and Overturning Moment calculations based on the wind load values it calculates?



A: No, these values are a secondary calculation which is beyond the scope of ASCE 7-98, Section 6.


Q: What are the numbers that appear in the z column of the MWFRS output tables and the C&C output tables?



A: For windward walls the column represents z (vertical distance up the wall).  For side and leeward walls, roof perpendicular to the ridge and most components and cladding, the column represents h (mean roof height).  For roofs parallel to the ridge or a sloped roof less that 10, this column represents the horizontal distance from the windward edge.


Q: Why does the program report that all the user licenses are in use when no one is using the program?



A: The last user was not logged out of the program correctly.  This usually is due to the computer crashing while the program is running.  To clear the user log, use the license manager (WLSNWMgr.exe, which was installed in the server directory) and click "Log Off All Users".  Your Installation Manual will have further details.




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