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Please select the version of the Wind Loads on Structures 1998 software you wish to update:

Wind Loads on Structures 1998 Standard

Wind Loads on Structures 1998 Network

All revisions are included in the latest update.

Revision Size Description Date Status
# Corrections
1 Limited low-rise building calculations to those buildings that the mean roof height does not exceed least horizontal dimension
6/29/04 Current
# Corrections
1 Corrected label displaying error for C&C print output
2 Corrected double click angle error for low rise building
3 Corrected a form scaling error for the common roof form.
1.9 1.9M
# Corrections
1 Corrected double click output on C&C output window
2 Corrected error in C&C input spreadsheet
3 Corrected unit conversion
1.8 1.9M
# Corrections
1 Corrected area error in C&C spreadsheet for SI units
2 Corrected windward roof Cp for angles > 60
3 Corrected double click functionality for windward roof
4 Corrected roof labels in the results screen
1.7 2.4M
# Corrections
1 Corrected an error on the printout for multi-line project comments
2 Corrected a file saving error for multi-line project comments.
3 Modified C&C input to make it easier to insert and delete rows.
1.6 2.4M
# Corrections
1 Corrected file opening for sign projects
2 Corrected wall zone label for buildings with a monoslope roof with an angle between 3 and 10
1.5 2.4M
# Corrections
1 Interpolation for solid walls' Cp
2 Use of open signs
3 Corrected GCp values for gabled roof θ < 10 zone 1
4 Corrected GCp values for multispan roof θ < 30 zone 2
5 Corrected GCp values for monosloped roof θ < 10 zone 1
6 Corrected GCp values for saw-tooth roof θ < 30 zone 1


1.4 2.4M
# Corrections
1 C&C input
2 Determine enclosure classification window
3 Changed "Wall Height" label to "Eave Height" on the section geometry window
4 Added note on MWFRS tables to denote distance from windward roof edge for parallel to ridge Cp's.
5 Changed "Eff. Width" column label to "Width" on the C&C input window and design printout.
6 Basic wind speed map.
7 Elevation drawings for sections with monoslope roofs.
8 Roof labels on MWFRS output tables for sections with hipped roof.
9 Spelling on printout for Chimneys, Tanks and Similar Structures.
10 Changed diagonal projected area of trussed tower to area of normal face.
11 Interpolation for leeward roof Cp
12 Interpolation for windward roof Cp when θ = 10
13 Modified usage of Category I in Alaska
14 Use of roof angles for hipped roofs when rotated
15 Use of topographic pictures on design report printout
16 Windward area calculated for use with parallel roof Cp calculations
1.3 3.27M
# Corrections
1 Added message to alert user when calculations for C&C are attempted on open buildings.
2 Revised C&C input for easier removal of extraneous data.
3 When the exposure for wind direction 1 is changed, the remaining exposures for the other wind directions also change.
4 Wind direction pointers on the composite drawing rotate when user selects low rise building method
5 Limited open buildings to monosloped roofs.
6 Removed wind loads for walls on open buildings
7 relabeled the "Effective Height" column on the C&C input printout to "Effective Width"
1.2 3.27M
# Corrections
1 Incorrect Gcp factor for zones 1, 2, and 3 used for buildings greater than 60ft.
1.1 3.4M
# Corrections
1 Added a common roof functionality.
2 Added a wall check list to allow removal of walls in the composite drawing and subsequent calculations.
3 Added zone, span and effective width columns to the C&C input window so that the user can specify the zone wanted instead of getting output for all possible zones.
4 Added a second natural frequency for buildings.
5 Added print button to detail windows.
6 Moved "Kd factor not used" from the structure type combo box to a check box on the velocity pressure calculator.
7 Changed "Designed By" to "By" in the Project Info. window.
8 When checking the gust effect details from the design output tables, h was converted to meters twice.
9 Corrected occasional incorrect page numbering on the MWFRS tables.
10 Front view of hipped roof was not drawn correctly when rotated.
11 Showed too many decimals on MWFRS for z
12 Auto increment does not remain in the height increment list when height increment window is closed and then reopened or when a file is opened.
13 Composite drawing wall labels sometimes appeared incorrectly
14 Incorrect Kd factor sometimes used in Sign and Tower Designs

All revisions are included in the most recent Service Release.


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