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Q: Does Wind Loads on Signs 2002 design the sign footings/foundations?

A: No,  Wind Loads on Signs 2002 does not design the sign footings or foundations.  This program is designed to give the WIND LOADS on a sign structure as well as provide pole support options to withstand these loads.


Q: Why are the values returned from the basic wind speed map shifted to the right?

A: Your computer has been set to use large fonts.  To fix the problem, reset the computer to use small fonts. 



Q: My input window is all chopped up and squished, what do I do?


A: This is an error with the DPI setting.  If you go to Start > My Computer > Control Panel > Display (or Right-Click the desktop and select Properties) you will open the Display Properties window.  Click the "Settings" tab and then the "Advanced" button.  From here you can choose 96 DPI or Normal.  You will be asked to restart your computer. 


This error will be corrected soon. 

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