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Q: Why are the values returned from the basic wind speed map shifted to the right?

A: Your computer has been set to use large fonts.  To fix the problem, reset the computer to use small fonts. 


Q: If I install the 2005 version of Wind Loads on Signs will my earlier version go away?  Will they affect each other if they are both installed on the same machine?


A: The program installs as separate piece of software.  Installing the newest version of the software will not affect the performance of earlier versions nor will older versions affect the newer version.  If you purchase an upgrade version of the software, the previous version MUST be installed on the computer you intend to install the upgrade. 

3. Q:  When I print to an Adobe PDF the text is huge or the paper size is small or something about it is just wrong.  How do I fix this?


A:  1)  Select print

     2)  Select adobe

     3)  Click on "edit" button

     4)  Change resolution to 300 dpi

     5)  Save default tag as "anynameyouwant"

     6)  Change default to "anynameyouwant"

     7)  Continue to printing

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