Blast Resistant Glazing Design 2007 (BRGD2007) finds its basis in the ASTM F 2248 design standard. The software enables the user to size rectangular laminated glass and insulating glass constructed with at least one laminated glass lite to resist user-specified explosive threats. 

The below table describes the features of the Blast Resistant Glazing Design program. 

Features Pricing

Allows the user to select an explosive threat, such as UFC 4-010-01 Explosive Weight I, UFC 4-010-01 Explosive Weight II, ISA Medium Threat (GSA Level C), ISA Higher Threat (GSA Level D).
Provides the user with fenestration supported on 4 sides.
Calculates the equivalent 3-second design loading in psf (kPa).
Calculates the approximate maximum air blast pressure, in psf (kPa).
Calculates the nominal glass thickness for single lite or symmetric insulating glass unit design (as selected) necessary to resist the specified explosive threat, in in. (mm) using ASTM E1300-02.
Calculates the recommended size of structural sealant bead to attach glazing to frame, in in. (mm)
Initial Purchase
Additional License

System Requirements

Operating Systems
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Windows Server 2000
Windows NT Server 4.0
Windows Server 2003