Wind Loads on Structures performs all the wind load computations in ASCE 7-98, 02, 05, 10, 16 and 22 standards. The software allows the user to "build" structures within the system, such as buildings, signs, chimneys, tanks, and other structures.

The below table describes features of the Wind Loads on Structures program. 

Features Pricing

New functionality

  1. ASCE 7-22 Standard wind load computations
  2. ATC Hazards by Location website access
  3. Automatic software updates
Computes wind load calculations by analytical method rather than the simplified method.
Provides the user with options for determining wind loads for buildings, chimneys, tanks and similar structures, trussed towers, signs and domed structures.
Allows the user to describe the topography by using parameters for the topographic conditions included in ASCE 7-98/02/05 Section 6 or ASCE 7-10/16/22 Chapter 26.
Allows the user to construct a "building" structure by adding sections. The software does not constrain the user to a set of preordained footprints.
Provides a composite drawing of the structure as the user adds sections.
Program incorporates all roof types and combinations defined in ASCE 7-98/02/05 or ASCE 7-10/16/22, Chapters 27-28.
Allows the user to define roof slopes in terms of degrees or as a ratio (x:12) and to input all salient roof dimensions.
The software allows the user to obtain wind loads for the main wind force resisting system (MWRFS) at pre-selected height intervals or user-defined intervals.
When a building is completely defined in terms of geometry, the program will also perform the computations for the wind loads of user defined Components and Cladding.
For standards ASCE 7-05 (and later), open structure provisions have been added to allow monosloped, pitched and troughed roof shapes.
The user can click on various intermediate values of the MWFRS results to obtain the details of the calculations for a specific value, including: Velocity Pressure, Gust Effect Factor, Cp, Cf and Net Pessures.
The software prints a full PDF report of wind loads for the MWFRS and Components & Cladding methodologies.
Initial Purchase
Annual Fee
Initial Purchase
Annual Fee
*Network Licenses: 40% Discount on initial purchase for current owners of WLS single user version. This discount does not apply to annual fees. You must contact SDG to obtain discounted prices. You may email or call (806) 792-5086. Due to the nature of the network and terminal versions we do not offer discounts on the prices. PRICE PER SEAT!

System Requirements

Operating Systems
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 11

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019

SDG will no longer support versions of Wind Loads on Structures (WLS) released prior to 2019. SDG will issue a license for WLS for one year after purchase. If you wish to continue using WLS, you must renew annually. Failure to renew the license will result in WLS not operating. SDG must do this to continue operating and providing technical support.